Volume III: The Rebel Renaissance – Defying Norms, Celebrating Eccentricity

Volume III of our Color of the Year 2024, “Limitless,” is a tribute to the new eccentrics—those who are throwing out the rule book and creating life on their terms. This palette is a vibrant mix of hues inspired by various artistic periods, from the Renaissance to Pop Art.

The Palette

This volume combines popular hues from the Renaissance, Baroque, Art Deco, and Pop Art periods. Whether it’s a parchment-like reference to period styles or paired with silvers for a fresh, contemporary take, “Limitless” remains the star of the show.

Rebel Renaissance

This capsule is equal parts brooding and elegant, blending soft goth with baroque and renaissance art references.

Classics, Revisited

Like its predecessor, this capsule references classic styles and artistic periods but in a fully contemporary way.

Pop Mod

Loud, playful, and rooted in artistic expression, this capsule takes cues from pop and post-modern design.

Design Inspirations

  • The Dark Arts: This design emphasizes classical references with a focus on dark palettes, or shifts from light spaces into dark ones.
  • In the Balance: Shades of primary colors lend a classic art feel to commercial spaces, with arches, columns, and tiered spaces anchored by color.
  • Post Modern Geometry: Simple geometric shapes turn retail spaces into experimental and wonderfully expressive environments.
  • Shape Shifters: This design brings a post-modern flair to contemporary residential architecture, where a bit of drama brings fresh attention to single and multi-family dwellings.
  • Art House Aesthetic: Home interiors blend elegance with a darkened, moody palette. High gloss finishes juxtapose ultra matte ones; contemporary furnishings juxtapose traditional architectural details.
  • Deco Modern Mix: This design draws direction from our recent past, blending elements from the ’70s, Art Deco, and modern periods in a way that reads timeless without feeling formulaic.
  • Bold Statements: Whether focusing on a single hue or a generous combination of vibrant shades, a creative, unbound approach to color application is taking hold.

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