Volume II: The Reawakening of Wonder & Awe

Volume II of our Color of the Year 2024, “Limitless,” is an ode to the deepening relationship between humans and nature. It’s a palette that captures the essence of wonder and awe, inviting you to explore the world around you with fresh eyes.

The Palette

This volume offers a generous range of earthy greens, warm florals, and vivacious blues, all kept in balance by dark neutrals. “Limitless” continues to be the cornerstone, instilling a warm, sunny vibe that hints at growth and blooming energy.

Ancient Grounds

This capsule borrows from the grandeur of nature, with root systems and tree rings inspiring everything from architecture to fashion.

Earthen Love

Imagine Mother Earth as a young woman, full of love and vitality. This capsule embodies that spirit, bringing beauty and vibrancy to everything it touches.

Fantasian Dream

A blend of the most fantastical elements of nature with the dream-like offerings of AI, this capsule offers a mesmerizing aesthetic with a Gaudi-esque spirit.

Design Inspirations

  • Dark Forest: In hospitality environments, this design approach hints at burrowing below ground for safekeeping. In healthcare, references to root systems feel supportive and nurturing.
  • Garden Delights: Imagine a space in full bloom, teeming with life and vigor, achieved by adding pinks to a range of vibrant green hues.
  • Wilded: This design pairs the darks of the palette with its most vibrant blues and greens, bringing enchanting drama to hospitality and event spaces.
  • Enchanted Living: Earthy browns and wood trims are timeless for home exteriors. Adding rounds and dusty floral hues to biophilic-inspired spaces brings a new level of enchantment.
  • Night Forest: Clean and sleek aesthetics now take on darker, more elegant references in line with naturalism trends.
  • Blush & Bloom: Think of a garden sanctuary brought indoors, where nourishing natural hues are generously applied to walls and ceilings alike.