Volume I: The Journey Within

In a world that’s increasingly chaotic and demanding, Volume I of our Color of the Year 2024, “Limitless,” invites you to look inward. This volume is a tribute to the growing consumer focus on mental, emotional, and social well-being.

The Palette

The palette of Volume I is a soothing blend of calming tints and tones, offset by earthen and twilight shades. “Limitless” serves as the cornerstone, bringing a reassuringly calm yet refreshing energy to the mix. For a modern twist, consider working in tone-on-tone designs or incorporating silver finishes.


This capsule is all about minimalistic aesthetics grounded in earthen hues, evoking the monolithic vastness of desert landscapes.


A blend of ancient and futuristic elements, this capsule offers a quiet and calming spirit. Dark hues serve as anchors, while lighter ones add an ethereal spark.


The most tender capsule of Volume I, Somatic focuses on comforting and fluid shapes that evoke a nurturing aesthetic.


  • Elemental: Think of interior finishes that make you feel as if you’re part of an earthen landscape.
  • Starship Minimal: Galactic futures inspire this design, where ambient lighting and smooth finishes combine with neutral palettes. “Limitless” serves as an essential accent here.
  • Soft at Heart: This design inspiration is all about creating gentle, tender, and romantic spaces, balanced by palettes of muted warm and cool tones.
  • Round About: For residential exteriors, the focus is on reduced ornamentation, but with a fresh take that incorporates gentle curvature within boxier elevations.
  • Gentle Earth: This design leans into masses of neutrals, enhanced by matte finishes and textures that are cool and dry to the touch.
  • Tender Spirit: Introduce delicate pastels into neutral palettes to evoke emotional nostalgia, creating spaces that nurture and support.