Specification Writing

Right first time coatings specifications

Drawing on our full teams experience and knowledge we produce high quality specifications in both CAWS and Uniclass 2015 formats. Working with you to understand the unique project requirements we can develop bespoke work sections capturing the projects design and functional aspirations; with long term protection in mind.

Ensure you’re specifying correct products for your projects by downloading the latest PPG master files.

Using NBS Office Masters?

We can collaborate with you directly in NBS Chorus to keep your master coatings specifications up to date and give you the assurance you are specifying the best products for the project.

Our tailored specification includes:

Preparation requirements

Application details

Maintenance schedules for selected systems

Available in CAWS or Uniclass 2015 format

Contact the PPG Architect & Design team

From product advice, NBS Office Masters, to bespoke Specification writing we can support your project.

Get in touch here to discuss.

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