NBS Specifications

Find, select and specify with NBS

Find Johnstone’s Trade and PPG products in NBS Source, the UK’s most comprehensive product platform for specifiers.

NBS Source gives you the ability to specify Johnstone’s Trade and PPG products in a number of workflows. It provides a single source of enhanced construction product information that is presented in a consistent, structured format to enable Architects to compare, select and specify products into project workflows.

Benefits for you:

Paint specifications available in CAWS and Uniclass format.

BIM-ready material libraries available to integrate with Revit and IFC.

Direct connection with NBS Chorus for fast and easy inclusion into the specification.

With all of the specification information you need in one place, save time through fast and easy integration with your projects building design model.

Need support in writing paint specifications?

Specify paints using NBS Source

Select a product below to view structured properties, technical data and third party certifications and add directly to your NBS Chorus project specification.

Specify Protective Coatings using NBS Source