PPG brings a colourful solution to Resorts World

The Client: Resorts World

The Architect: Alexander Owen

Painting Contractor: Bagnalls

The Location: Birmingham

The Project

Resorts World in Birmingham is a modern shopping, dining and entertainment destination that attracts visitors from across the Midlands and beyond. After years of the same look, the owners wanted to give the space a complete refresh.

London-based architects and interiors practice Alexander Owen (AO) and painting contractor Bagnalls, were approached to bring new life to the shopping and entertainment destination. Deciding on a large-scale art installation to transform the look of Resorts World, they turned to PPG Architectural Coatings paint brand JOHNSTONE’S® Trade for its wide range of colour. To give the colour transitions fluidity, a subtle sheen to the surface was required and with the need for durability due to high footfall being imperative, JOHNSTONE’S® Trade Eggshell from PPG was specified for this unique project.

With such a large-scale design, it was important for painting contractor Bagnalls that the specified product would not only be easy to apply, to keep in line with timescales, but also be a financially viable option. Johnstone’s Trade Eggshell offered both these qualities. Its hardwearing formulation for interior wood and metal surfaces provides a smooth and even surface that is washable for a long-lasting finish, reducing maintenance requirements. Moreover, with a coverage of 20 sq m, the product goes a very long way – a key objective of this project.

A Colourful Approach

Discussing their approach, James Webster, co-founder of AO Architecture, said: “This was a brief with a lot of scope and an opportunity to make a real impact for Resorts World and their guests.

With the atrium located at the heart of the building and being so architecturally dynamic, it was the obvious place to start considering potential interventions. After analysing the architecture in three dimensions as well as how people flowed up, down and across the space, we developed an architecturally-responsive visual art piece that celebrates the structure, form and organisation of the building, as well as the flow of people within it. In this sense it’s not simply art applied to the surface of the architecture, it’s art entirely driven by the architecture itself.”

The final design includes a series of dynamic forms in varying colours that draw visitors up and around the three-storey atrium, fluidly changing shape where escalators and structure intersect.

Colour Expertise at Your Fingertips

In view of the fact that JOHNSTONE’S® Trade Eggshell can be tinted and with the design involving a range of over 20 vibrant colours including digitally created neon highlights, AO worked with PPG’s colour consultant team to colour match to the closest corresponding shades from the Voice of Colour palette. These included pinks and purples, such as Kenny’s Kiss, Cleopatra’s Gown and Mystic Iris, as well as Electric Mint.

Richard Bridges, co-founder of AO Architecture, commented:

One of the key reasons we turned to PPG was because of the wide array of shades in the Voice of Colour range and their expert colour advisory department. The atrium itself was a tricky site in terms of colour performance due to it being flooded with natural light by day and the varying temperatures of artificial light by night. However, with the help of their senior technical consultants, we were able to discuss what we needed from each colour and have samples made up for each shade.

Having PPG’s colour consultant on site as part of the project team was a huge help, and meant that we were able to discuss how the colours behaved within the space and refine the final selection from both a creative and technical perspective.”

The Results

Commenting on the completed works, Mark Hopkins, Senior Maintenance Manager at Resorts World, said: “We’re absolutely delighted with the overall result. It’s so bold and we’re especially impressed with the high-quality finish. The newly designed atrium has made such an impact on the overall aesthetic of the building and is a true representation of our identity. It’s become a real talking point for all our customers and something that they have come to associate with Resorts World.”

AO Architecture and Bagnalls have since won the Retail category at this year’s Painter of the Year Awards, hosted by JOHNSTONE’S® Trade.