PPG launches 2022+ Colour & Design trends

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While the pandemic continues to play out across the world, and while we continue to whirl in the uncertainty of this new era, people are starting to look into the possible future in order to create a sense of hope for the year ahead. With this in mind, thirty-five stylists from eleven countries within eight major business segments of PPG combined more than a century of expertise to create our 2022 Colour & Design Trends.

2021 was a year of firsts and we embraced a new normal, slowed down our lifestyles and we are now ready for a refresh. As people begin to focus on the year ahead, and as 2022 draws nearer and nearer in sight, we are at the beginning of something new, looking into the horizon No alt text provided for this imageand holding it as a symbol for the state of reflection, hope and reverence in which we find ourselves being.

Our teams from around the world converged virtually for the first time to combine our collective research and develop the for ecast and overarching theme for 2022 – Horizon. Despite being miles apart and separated by numerous time zones, our experts held lively debates, used new digital collaboration tools and curated a cross-cultural trends direction ultimately selecting the Voice of Colour 2022 Colour of the Year.


Unique to PPG’s forecasting expertise is the fact-based approach we use to identify the colour direction combined with years of research to provide a truly global and validated exclusive process.

We saw green budding everywhere; as a natural world symbol it is the rising colour in the design market. One particular shade that kept jumping up at us for its versatile and highly usable disposition: Olive Sprig. The soft grey-green is soothing, like a fragrant plant reminiscent of the natural world and it brightens any space with an organic liveliness – the perfect refresh.

While you are seeking colour inspiration for your next design project, consider that Olive Sprig works almost like a neutral, it is a flexible hue that adapts to most environments, styles and usages, bringing your designs to life.


Under this overarching idea of Horizon, PPG’s 2022 Colour & Design Trends explores our three colour and trend directions which will influence future architectural design trends. Each one tells its own story and has its own narrative and personality:

INVALUABLE: An elegant palette, grounded in tradition

Owing to the rising appreciation of vintage and antiques, this palette speaks to the contemporary audience with a desire to layer styles and periods. Drawing elements from the past to create a new era of heritage designs, there is a comforting amount of certainty from architectural styles and classical interpretations of design. The recent times living in chaos fuels a desire to be grounded in something solid and established. The darks in this colour story hold historical references enhancing the composition of highs and lows inspired by glamorous, artistic interiors.

INTROSPECTIVE: Comforting Colours. A palette for wellness.

This colour story is casual and mellow addressing the soulful audience. The warm and welcoming palette holds a quiet theme for those seeking calm, clarity and healing. With architecture demonstrating an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, the introspective theme draws a deep sense of comfort by bringing nature and self-care into this personality. Delicate neutrals and softened pastels portray privacy, simplicity and peace.

INSPIRED: Mood boosting colours to Refresh and Renew

The inspired hues hit the high notes, they are vivid and joyful telling a story of renewal. It is an optimistic palette that can be visualised on incredible textures and quirky art pieces for uniqueness. The inspired audience cannot be pinned down as they are exuberant, they expect joy and spread joy. This palette embraces innovation and curiosity, and using intriguing designs, will take inspiration from digitally enhanced aesthetics, blurring the lines between real and virtual.

Our colour stylists analyse exterior and interior commercial and residential colours, styles and textures years in advance, and produce market insights for architects and designers to create spaces for luxury, comfort and impact.

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