Design trends have always been a reflection of cultural movement. So much of what comes next is a direct mirroring of what transpired in the recent years and even the past decade. PPG’s global colour experts combined months of research and customer intel to develop the driver of our 2023 forecast, the idea of reflection – reflecting on what matters to us most, our relationship to the planet and even the way we engage with others.

With self-care and mental wellness in focus post-pandemic, people are stepping away from chaos, thoughtfully choosing what to bring in and discovering new ways to support best living. People have discovered that the peace, calm and serenity of their immediate surroundings is very important to them, making simplification an important trend.


While seeking to simplify this post-COVID era, the colour that kept emerging is Vining Ivy (PPG1148-6) – a colour that gives you energy whilst at the same time exuding serenity and calm. Vining Ivy has been showing up in our trend research as a hue for contemporary environments and designs. It can also be considered quite traditional, classic, or elegant and perfectly marries a touch of the past and a taste of the future, making it the perfect colour for our times. Its adaptability became one of the recuring themes at PPG’s global colour forecasting workshop.

Call it like you see it – this “bluish-greenish-something-in-betweenish” tone serves up versatile vibes, making it an on-trend addition to contemporary designs or a refined pop of colour for those with more traditional taste. Featured under the JOHNSTONE’S® by PPG trade brand, Vining Ivy is energising yet grounding, and it works across exterior and interior commercial and residential spaces. Its versatility takes the guesswork out of design, leaving people with more time to indulge in the things that matter most to them.

This teal is as adaptable as its botanical namesake and expertly intertwines bold blue and refined green to create a captivating colour symbolic of deep water. Vining Ivy’s jewel-toned hue can be used to set a calming mood in spaces, as its blue communicates feelings of tranquillity while the emerald evokes feelings of balance. When paired together, these two undertones create an ultra-rich, uber-trendy colour that has us “in our feels” as we cautiously emerge from the pandemic ready to resume living our best lives.


Under the chosen theme Reflection, PPG’s colour experts identified three colour trends that will influence future architectural design trends in 2023 and beyond:


A design theme that reflects on our relationship with ourselves and our need for sanctuary and calm.


A design theme that expands on our evolving relationships with the environments that surround us.


A design theme celebrating the dynamics of our relationships with each other and how we show ourselves to the world.


Our annual forecasting workshop brings together more than 30 PPG global colour experts, providing a truly global, validated palette of colour direction. Using a fact-based approach, we analyse trends in cross-cultural societal inspirations to develop an overarching theme. From automotive to architectural; consumer electronics to aerospace; industrial to packaged goods, the benefit is that every industry informs the other to select the Voice of Colour 2023 Colour of the Year.

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