Introducing Limitless: The 2024 Colour of the Year that Redefines Boundaries

As we step into a new era marked by unprecedented shifts in how we live, work, and create, one thing remains constant: the power of color to evoke emotions and set the tone for our experiences.

This year, we’re thrilled to introduce “Limitless” as our 2024 Color of the Year—a hue that embodies the spirit of boundless creativity and change.

The Essence of Limitless

Limitless is not just a color; it’s a mood, a vibe, a lifestyle. This warm, sunny hue is as versatile as it is vibrant, pairing beautifully with both warm and cool finishes. Its agility across numerous design directions makes it a star in its own right.

As its name suggests, Limitless offers an energizing take on a neutral tone, providing endless ways to incorporate it into your life. Whether you’re using it as a full-body color or as an accent to both warm and cool tones, this color is dynamic, spirited, and radiant.

The Power of Palette: 2024 Trend Palettes

Limitless serves as the cornerstone of our 2024 trend palettes, bringing a reassuringly calm yet refreshing energy. When combined with repeating rounds or arches, smooth finishes, and ambient lighting, it creates a sense of minimalism in commercial settings.

Volume 1 – Checking Out of the World at Large, Tuning Elsewhere

This volume focuses on the introspective and calming aspects of Limitless, encouraging us to take a step back and reflect.

Volume 2 – Transforming the World at Large into a Place of Wonder & Awe

Here, Limitless takes on a more dynamic role, inspiring awe and wonder as we engage with the world around us.

Volume 3 – Defying + Reinventing the World at Large

This volume is all about breaking the mold and challenging the status quo, powered by the transformative energy of Limitless.

Dive Deeper into the World of Limitless

In support of this year’s colour of the year selection, the creative team from the PPG Industrial Coatings produced a highly stylized captivating video that takes you on a journey through the three distinct volumes of Limitless.

Together, these palettes not only offer a feast for the eyes but also tell a compelling story of optimism, creativity, and introspection.