How NBS is helping specifiers to collaborate with manufacturers

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PPG and NBS: Strengthening Sustainable Collaboration

PPG Architectural Coatings has been developing and delivering paints, coatings, optical and specialty materials for over 130 years. It provides coatings solutions for architectural needs and has worked with customers in a number of areas including industrial, transportation and construction markets.

Julie Tait, PPG’s National A&D Technical Specification Manager, presented on our webinar ‘Collaborative specification writing’ in February 2021. The webinar looked at how manufacturers and specifiers can work together to improve the safety, sustainability and efficiency of buildings.

During the webinar, Julie explained how NBS platforms have enabled PPG to collaborate with its customers on recent projects with great effect. Examples included healthcare projects with Gilling Dod Architects and student accommodation with Franklin Ellis Architects.

Adapting to change with NBS Chorus

PPG had been using NBS platforms for over 10 years but introduced cloud-based specification platform NBS Chorus into its processes in June 2020.

We found that introducing NBS Chorus would be a requirement for us in order to deal with all of the changes that are being made in the construction industry.

PPG is now able to write specifications for any sector and are seeing the reward through large project specs. The ability to create office masters for quick and easy use, time and time again plus the ability to collaborate on bespoke projects for architects and designers is a win win situation.

From a manufacturer’s point of view, we can create specifications that meet the client’s specific project requirements. Those requirements might take into account environmental factors, usage or green building schemes. NBS Chorus has made specification more interactive.”

Julie Tait, National A&D Technical Specification Manager, PPG Architectural Coatings

Right first time specifications

Collaborating through NBS Chorus helps specifiers to get their coatings specifications right the first time and importantly in digital format, which is crucial in order to achieve a ‘Golden Thread’ of information. This has helped to strengthen the relationship between them as a manufacturer and the architects.

We have recently worked with PPG to develop our Master Files for paint system clauses, I am pleased to say that through this collaboration we have our first NBS Chorus specification that has worked first time and is set up exactly how it should be to integrate with our way of working.” – Kevin Hilton, Associate at Gilling Dod Architects

Julie believes that when manufacturers are able to share their unique level of understanding of their products with specifiers, it is much more likely to lead to an accurate and high quality specification.

Manufacturers have the specialist knowledge and experience to advise on the best systems. That knowledge promotes ‘right first time’ specifications because we’ve got the most up-to-date information on our own products. Collaboration removes the guesswork.

PPG has enhanced product data on our manufacturer product platform NBS Source, for all of its paint systems including decorative, woodworks and protective coatings, making it easy to add detailed information about its products to specifications.

“Because NBS Source and NBS Chorus are connected, being able to ‘drag and drop’ into the specification has made the process easier when working remotely while also ensuring accuracy.”

Thanks to the level of collaboration that is facilitated by NBS platforms, PPG Architectural Coatings is now able to offer specification writing as an additional service in its offering to specifiers.

We’ve now got architects that come back to us with projects time and time again.

According to research by NBS and the Construction Products Association, over half of the specifiers surveyed said that they found it too difficult to find the right information for products to allow them to specify effectively. NBS platforms are able to help manufacturers like PPG provide the information specifiers need for their projects.