Reflecting on the PPG Colour of the Year 2023: Vining Ivy

In the ever-evolving world of colour trends, we are proud to reflect on our Colour of the Year for 2023: Vining Ivy, a beautifully robust and refined green-blue tone that’s taking the design world by storm.

Vining Ivy is a jewel-toned green with turquoise undertones, reflecting the continued global popularity of green shades. Our collective experience of the pandemic has driven our need to connect with nature and the outdoors, a trend known as biophilic design.


Vining Ivy’s depth and saturation make it a versatile shade, suitable for a wide range of applications, from fashion and interior décor to architectural, industrial and cars.

Donna Taylor, PPG Colour Design Manager at Architectural Coatings, states that:

Vining Ivy’s depth and saturation creates a mood boosting versatile shade that is suitable for a wide range of applications. From statement ceiling to floor walls in period rooms and plush furnishings & accessories, to exterior spaces such as Renders, grand entrance doors or even garden furniture in botanical settings. The versatility of Vining Ivy reaches into a broad design market for Architectural, Interior Design & Industrial sectors.  

In work or study spaces interior design, Vining Ivy promotes a calming environment, nurturing reflection and tranquillity.


The theme for this year’s colour forecast is Reflection. PPG’s global team of colour stylists curated a palette of 45 coordinating hues for a Reflection-themed colour collection. The compilation is organized into three unique colour stories: SerenityOrigin, and Duality.

Serenity captures a gentle palette of milky pastels, watery tones, and warm neutrals, reflecting our desire for calm and solitude in a chaotic world. Origin encompasses the magnificence of nature, surrounding us with authentic beauty and cultivating our sense of wonder with a bio-palette of organic hues. Duality, which leans into contrasts, allows for self-expression through bold and bright shades, clean pastels, and strong neutrals.


PPG’s forecasting expertise uses a fact-based approach to identify annual colour trends, providing a truly global, validated palette of colour direction for various industries. Each spring, more than 30 stylists from dozens of global regions from various PPG businesses like architectural, automotive, consumer products and aerospace, participate in an intensive, days-long colour workshop to determine the “it” colour for the following year. Our colour experts and designers analyse exterior and interior commercial and residential colours, styles, and textures in advance, producing market insights for architects, designers and builders to create luxurious, comfortable, and impactful spaces.

Vining Ivy was selected by our Colour Experts as it emerged as a forward-trending colour in our trend research.

Importantly, it connects with our overarching theme, REFLECTION, enhancing the meaning of our three Design Themes: SERENITY, ORIGIN, and DUALITY. In Serenity, it enhances the tranquillity of the mood. In Origin, it acts like a natural hue that’s precious and rare – amplifying the sense of wonder for nature.  In Duality, it’s reference to both retro styles and contemporary trends gives it a mutable persona.

Reflection: Color Journey Inspires Self-Discovery

In support of this year’s colour of the year selection, the creative team from the PPG industrial coatings business produced a highly stylized short video that tells the Reflection story through the experiences of a young woman embarking on a journey of growth and self-discovery. The stunning footage was captured over three days at various urban and desert locations in and around the Los Angeles area.