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Global Colour Trends

As we look ahead to 2024, it’s evident that the world is on the brink of a significant transformation. At this year’s colour workshop, our colour experts found that consumers are becoming less limited in their sense of self-identities and reliant on tradition and conformity; they are unleashing their creative potential, which is leading to an explosion of new ideas; and they are uncovering new possibilities through their intertwining worlds – environmental, digital and social.

From a colour perspective, these sentiments are cultivating a fondness for calming, soothing colors that set the tone for introspection, emotional well-being and personal development.

View our 2024 Global Colour Trends flip book, featuring Colour of the Year, PPG1091-3 Limitless and our trend stories – Volume I, II & III, to find out more.

Palette Downloads

Looking to use PPG colours in your next interior design, architecture, or building project? PPG’s digital colour palette is available to download in RGB and LRV value format and Adobe Photoshop.

PPG Voice of Colour Fan Deck

Featuring over 2000 colours, the Voice of Colour palette is our most loved colour tool. Organised by colour family, it’s ideal for designers, architects and professional painters alike. All colours are available in the Johnstone’s Trade paints range.

PPG Colour Reader

The PPG Colour Scanner is a fast, accurate colour matching tool that matches to the closest PPG colour.  The PPG Colour Scanner works with an app that you
can install on your smartphone or tablet

ColourBox Visualiser

Digitally paint your room with our paint colour palettes and latest colour trends with our online paint colour visualiser.

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