The power of colour in workplace design

In the world of architecture and design, colour matters and keeping on top of trends is paramount. However, as we enter new and remarkable times in how we use shared spaces, it’s become imperative to dive even deeper into colour and the impact it can have on people – and, in turn, how this will influence the creation of new workspaces.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a seismic shift in the way we work and has put wellbeing firmly at the top of the design agenda. The widespread introduction of hybrid working has presented new challenges for designers, and with this comes the need to consider how colour influences our thoughts, moods and behaviors. It’s time to ensure that workplaces are designed with the occupiers’ physical and mental health in mind.


It is becoming more and more evident that successful workplace design must support both the changing behaviours of employees and the shifting requirements of employers – and colour will be instrumental in this.”

– Donna Taylor, Principal Technical Colour Consultant at PPG


In this guide, we’ll explore exactly how to harness the power of colour to create workspaces that address modern lifestyles, and by doing so make employees feel welcome, inspire collaboration and drive productivity.

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